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Do you have a yearning to do something meaningful? Do you want to engage in work that affects the lives and livelihoods of all Americans? Would you like to work in an environment where you collaborate with colleagues who’ve got your back and leadership that looks out for your future? If your answer to these questions is yes, we want you to consider coming aboard Moran. We connect the world.

Seaside or Seafaring?

Our company engages in the marine transportation of goods, energy and raw materials in and out of 17 different ports on the U.S. East Coast, Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. We help move things like food, fuel, furniture, shoes and fertilizer, to name just a few types of cargo, to and from every crevice and corner of the world. As such, some of our folks work in port locations handling local shipping logistics, others work on board our vessels, and a handful are employed in our corporate headquarters. Whether you want a job that gets the wind in your hair or one with a desk and a chair, we have a space for you.

We currently employ over 1,000 people in our maritime business across a wide geography in almost every job description imaginable, including captains, engineers, mates, and deckhands on the boats, and people in operations, information technology, human resources, accounting, sales, etc. in shoreside offices. We are always on the lookout for talented, forward looking people who will embrace our culture of innovation, opportunity, diversity and service. Where will you fit in?

"I’ve been with Moran now for 14 years—came up as a hawsepiper, and am now a full time Captain. Moran is constantly making safety a #1 priority for our crews and the environment. Our policies, training, regular drills and meetings keep us sharp and on task, to make sure that our job is done right and safely with no damages or injuries. One of the reasons I like working for Moran is the morale. It is tough being away from our families to do our job, but knowing that the people and environment that I work in is enjoyable makes it nice. We all look out for one another, so I consider these guys my second family."—Daniel Reed
Captain, Laura K. Moran

Integrity, Loyalty, Respect

We’re all about creating enduring relationships with our customers, our employees and our workplace communities. We seek long and productive partnerships with all of these stakeholders and are gratified that so many of our customers and our employees have remained loyally by our sides for decades. We think it is because we treat our partners with integrity, loyalty and respect. A privately-owned company, we are not subject to external pressure to maximize corporate profits in order to satisfy Wall Street, a stress that other publicly traded companies may face. And yet, as one of America’s larger employers based on annual revenues and number of employees, we have the financial resources to do the right things for the right reasons.

And what are the right things?

"Year one with Moran has been an incredible experience in three major areas. In the Moran Center for Learning crew members and staff sharpen our level of knowledge in all facets of our work. New hire bootcamp gets Moran employees trained for boat exercises, including line handling and emergency preparedness. The safety management system prevents hazards and injury by near miss sharing, frequent safety meetings, and planning safe practices for every task. I am pleased to be a representative of Moran Towing here in Savannah Georgia!" —Jay C. Johnson Jr.
Deckhand, Moran Savannah