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The Iconic M

Visit almost any port dotting the Eastern seaboard or the Gulf Coast, and you are likely to see the iconic white M on the stack of a Moran tug plying the waters. As a foremost provider of ship assistance services in the U.S., we are proud of our 160-year heritage ushering container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, military vessels, cruise ships, and other vessels safely in and out of port.

Evolving Since 1860

Our story started back in 1860 when our founder opened for business in New York Harbor. Fast forward a century and a half later and Moran has evolved into a sophisticated marine logistics management business, now operating more than 100 modern, state-of-the-art tugs in 17 ports around the U.S. and Puerto Rico as well as Mexico.

Connecting the World

Escorting approximately one-third of all the ships arriving in the U.S. each year, together our tugs perform 39,000 ship assists annually, requiring 70,000 tug engagements. Our 1,000 employees engaged in the maritime side of our business coordinate and move 5 million tons of vessel steel using 780,000 horsepower, putting more food on tables, shoes on feet, and cars in driveways than any other towing and escort provider.

A History of Growth and Investment

Successfully executing a twenty-year strategic growth plan, we have doubled the number of ports we served back in the early 1990s. Our broad geographic coverage benefits customers large and small who can take advantage of our far-reaching expertise and our ability to offer them one provider for all of their towage needs. We have likewise enhanced our fleet substantially over the past decade and now operate 49 Z drive tugs, which is the largest fleet of Z drive tugs in North America. In our harbor operations, we also continue to operate many highly capable twin screw tugs and a handful of Mortrac tugs, all of which are meticulously maintained, regularly upgraded and ready to answer your call.

Safety Obsessed

Our unmatched reputation for safety and reliability is a result of our single-minded focus on training, emergency simulations, safety audits and continuing education. With Moran at your side, you can rest easy knowing that the last mile or the first mile of your voyage will take place safely, efficiently and expertly.

We’re Always Open

We’re available 24/7 to provide high-quality service for an industry that does not sleep. See below to schedule a tugboat dispatch or to request more information from our sales team.

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