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Vessel Assessment and Maintenance

In addition to addressing the human factor in safe operations, Moran subjects each of our vessels to rigorous ongoing assessments that identify the need for maintenance and updates. We use processes and systems to ensure that all vessels are comprehensively and regularly inspected and maintained, in order to operate at maximum safety and efficiency. Our exhaustive maintenance protocols greatly exceed regulatory requirements and increase fleet reliability and operational safety while minimizing service disruptions.

Ergonomics Review

Over the past decade Moran has also worked to identify tug and barge design issues that might negatively affect operations as well as any hazards that could cause accidents or injuries. Working with a leading ergonomics consultant, and drawing from the depth of experiences in Moran’s engineering and operating specialists, Moran has been striving to narrow the gap between optimal safety, seaworthiness and working conditions and current vessel design and task requirements. By assessing the workplace design and work activities, we have been able to identify and correct equipment design flaws and create plans for new vessel construction, modification and upgrades, all designed to provide a safer work place.