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With the ever-growing dependence on technology and interconnected systems in our industry, Moran remains focused on cyber resiliency and protecting our assets and employees from all outside threats and challenges. We fully understand that cyber resiliency is the next iteration of safety in the workplace.

With that in mind, we have aggressively invested in the dedicated resources required to design our infrastructure and to train our people to ensure the cybersecurity of Moran. At Moran, cybersecurity is the responsibility of every member of our company including both those onshore and offshore.  Educating our people to remain vigilant in all internet-based interactions and conducting ongoing testing for safe cyber habits is critical.  Also important is repeatedly assessing our defensive measures and revising our countermeasures as appropriate.  Moran approaches cybersecurity risks with the same focus on continuous improvement and learning from "near misses" that we utilize with the rest of our safety initiatives

Our Safety Process


Frontline teams:

  • Choose 3-5 critical safe behaviors
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to desired safe behaviors
  • Create scorecards
  • Announce pinpoint behaviors companywide


  • Judgement free peer observation
  • Calculate safety performance for pinpoint behavior
  • Identify and record barriers observed
  • Submit scorecards


  • Immediate and specific feedback
  • Focus on the positive
  • Correct at risk behavior to improve habits
  • Provide graphic feedback quantifying performance


  • Positive reinforcements for results
  • Feedback is tangible and social
  • Individual and work group reinforcement
  • Celebration of milestone performance


  • Regular team meetings to discuss progress
  • Revise strategies to address barriers
  • Confirm safe behavior becomes a habit
  • Confirm safe behavior occurs when unsupervised
  • Evaluate if safe habit is reducing accidents
  • Recommend new behaviors to point