Logo for: Moran Towing

Moran is committed to investing in the continued professional development of our mariners.  Moran utilizes the Navigation Skills Assessment Program (NSAP®) that provides its Captains and Mates an extraordinary professional experience designed to objectively assess and develop navigation skills and desired wheelhouse behaviors.  NSAP® challenges mariners in ways that are not replicable in their homeports.

The goals and objectives of Moran’s NSAP® are to:

  • Directly support the Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Initiative
  • Establish a “Baseline of Competency”
  • Identify and quantify behavioral or training gaps
  • Promote desired behaviors
  • Target training for improvement
  • Control to create “teachable moments”
  • Offer participatory training
  • Have all Captains and Mates graduate from the program