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Moran has developed the Moran Center for Learning (MCL) to measure and evaluate our employees’ learning and development.  eLearning is a complement to Moran’s in person training programs and on the job training and assessment initiatives.  The goal of eLearning at Moran is to provide our employees with additional opportunities to expand their skills in an environment that is self-paced, provides assessments of mastery, and records their development of new skills and knowledge.   Ongoing learning is an integral part of our business strategy and building human capital is a driver of our success.

MCL allows us to:

  • Deliver knowledge-based training material
  • Assess and measure comprehension
  • Provide Moran specific training content
  • Provide focused training
  • Email notification of courses due or overdue
  • Report features for compliance
  • Record assessments of skill
  • Record vessel orientations
  • Provide mentoring and career guidance
  • Provide another means for interaction between supervisors and employee

This web-based resource is available for all Moran employees. Most courses are offered in both English and Spanish.