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Marine Salvage and Derelict Vessel Removal

Global Diving & Salvage (Global), a MER subsidiary, has decades of experience in marine casualty response and derelict vessel removal. Derelict vessels cause environmental impacts and are often stranded in remote and environmentally sensitive areas. We perform environmentally sound deconstruction for vessels of all sizes ensuring proper oversight and disposal of materials. The team provides containment and cleanup solutions to mitigate contamination and protect the environment.

Spill Strategies and Responses

MER and Global’s technological expertise, accurate and reliable risk assessment, and quick access to needed equipment, have made us a preferred spill recovery responder on both the East and West coasts of the U.S. Our Company works closely with local, federal, and state agencies to provide ongoing partner environmental services including day-to-day spill prevention, emergency spill response, hands-on training and deployment simulation exercise, derelict vessel services, and consulting. These programs provide protection for sensitive habitats in the event of a spill.

Recycling and Emissions Reduction

As a leading maintenance and cleaning service supplier for passenger rail, Drummac has a direct impact on helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals. As part of daily cleaning services for passenger trains nationwide, Drummac oversees train trash and waste disposal. We utilize dedicated recycle trash bags and dumpsters to adhere to strict recycle material disposal requirements. In addition, Drummac mechanical personnel are vital in conserving locomotive diesel fuel by consistently using electric plug-in power instead of engine idling. With the Amfleet Refresh project, Drummac recycles materials such as seat cushions, to avoid landfill whenever possible. Like many of our clients, our rail clients focus on environmental sustainability efforts.